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Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Morning! 
Good Morning!

I made my weekly drive to the local farm stand this morning!

Came home with sacksful of softball sized peaches and
thirty juice oranges, as well as bananas, cucumbers,
potatoes, lettuce, Amish butter, pasta, cornmeal and yellow grits!

Made juice with half the oranges!
Then, I snipped the peels for composting!

Over the weekend, I fed one of two sourdough starters
I received from King Arthur Baking Company. 
It was a 24 hour ordeal!
Baked some bread last night. 
Turned out pretty good, but the next round
should be even better after another feeding. 

Later last night I fed the second package
of starter and twice already this morning. 
It should be ready to mix another batch
of bread (this time whole wheat) by late afternoon! 
I'll have two starters in the fridge for baking anytime!
I am gonna try to start a third starter on my own ...
one like I used to bake with years ago. 
It is made with water, sugar and potato flakes!
No yeast required and it's the easiest bread I've ever made!!!

  Four Sourdough "sponges" fed and waiting for bread making!

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