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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Two of my sisters, one of my daughters, my great niece, my granbaby girl and myself took a roadtrip to Crestview, Florida, today to pay a visit with my dad and the rest of the extended family, my stepmom and stepsister and her family.  What a great time we had!!  What a meal!  What a drive!  We made it back thru Pensacola early enough to make a pit stop at TJMaxx!  Woo Hoo!  Came home with a few bags of treasures (of course!)! 

It gets really interesting when my sister, Tammy, joins us for family events!!  By the time we hit the Crestview exit, Lindsay was excitedly talking on her walkie-talkie app with her friends, Toni had stuffed tissue paper into her ears, Keller was jabbering non-stop and Britney was giggling at Tammy's singing two lines behind every song on the radio or singing an entirely different song than was playing.  She is definitely our entertainment no matter where we are!  I just drove along joyfully taking it all in!  Togetherness!!!

Lindsay and Tammy,
just before we all broke into a Dirty Dancing sing-along!

Exhausted Granbaby Girl!

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