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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Now that I'll be getting back into the swing of cooking, I thought I'd share a few favorite blogs and sites with my readers.  I am a FOODIE at heart and love to cook!  I love experimenting with recipes (interpret as tweaking!) and trying new foods. Healthy versions when I can swing it!  Moderation when I can't!  There is pleasure in small bites and I can practice restraint! 

The holidays are fast approaching and I love the smells of baking!  I'm on a mission to master cookie decorating this year!  I have been mesmerized with this cookie baking  blog!  Oh the possibilities!!

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Another favorite food is grilled cheese.  Anything from ordinary to wild and crazy!  I can't wait to sink my teeth into a grilled smoked gouda on sourdough!   I do my best to find the healthiest cheeses, which usually leads me to Amish and organic farm products.  Yeah! I hate what some so-called dairy farms do to cows.  I don't think those places should even be called dairy farms.  Farms shouldn't be mean in nature.  Ok. I'll get off my soapbox.  Anywho!  Check out this grilled cheese recipe!  It reminds me of my favorite home-made pizza!

I recently visited a friend who is recovering from surgery and took her a treat of her favorite frozen yogurt .... salted caramel!  Heaven!  I ran across this recipe on Pinterest this morning for salted caramel frosting and thought 'do I need a special occasion to make this?'.   Surely someone has a birthday coming up!  Just to run my finger through the bowl ..... dreamy!

SPLASH!  Ok!  I needed that cold water in the face!  While juicing, I collected a repertoire of recipes more suitable to nutritious living .... healthy choices .... low meat and dairy, included!  A girl can dream, right?   I do believe moderation to be the key to living the good, sweet and savory life! 

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