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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posting this past week.  What a week it has been!  Nothing extraordinarily special going on.  Just life!  Fish fry/company earlier in the week. Working in the garden.  Preparing for upcoming art show (Shrimp Fest) in October.  Playing with my granbaby girl!  Keeping house!  Just life! 

I try to cram way to much into a weekend!  Lots of errands and garden work!  This weekend (so far!  It's not over with yet), I've planted strawberry plants, blackberry plants, more collards, three different kinds of basil and four different mints, and rhubarb (never had it, but curious!  It's such a pretty color!).  We installed a trellis for the sweet peas and blackberries.

I lugged every single box of my art prints inside from storage.  I've gotta spend this week inventorying and boxing them up for the Shrimp Fest.  Then I have to go by the gallery and pick up a few originals and maybe more prints ... and the notecards and rack.  You can also pick up Tyler Candles and hand painted stemware by Terry Thompson there too, as well as some really cool picture frames!

Coming soon:  I bought me a pressure canner/cooker this weekend.  Yep!  I'm gonna revisit my roots and learn all over again how to do this!! 

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