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Monday, September 19, 2011

What a busy, whirling dervish of a weekend! 

We ended the weekend with a bass fishing excursion to our pond near Dixie Landing.  I out-fished my dear husband four to one!  I have to give him kudos for putting me on the right spot and taking (all but two) of the fish I caught off the line! 

Saturday we attended an Aloha party for a dear friend!  I met, what turned out to be, an incredible woman.  We chatted for a few minutes at the party.  I ran into her again later that evening at another function across town!  A mutual friend told me later in the night that Mary was a platelet donor.  My heart was deeply touched.  I finally got around to talking with her again before she left.  I had to thank her and let her know how much I appreciated what she did.  She donates in honor of a dear friend with leukemia.  I told her about my mom's plight with Myeloid Dysplasia and AML.  Mom was getting multiple units of blood and platelets every single day for over nine months before she passed away.  Because of my anemias, I can't donate either.  I often wondered about the people who unselfishly donated on a regular basis.  I'm honored to have met one of them this past weekend.

Mary shared with me that she donates every few weeks and volunteers at LifeSouth in Mobile.  This is a community blood center ... meaning the donations stay in the area for local needs, unlike the Red Cross.  I'm not saying don't give blood at a Red Cross blood drive .... so don't send me hate mail.  I'm just thinking it was a good thing for my mom this was available, considering how often she needed it just to stay alive.  So, next time you see a LifeSouth Blood Drive bus, stop in for a visit and thank them for what they do for our community.

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