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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Day Seven has arrived. 
I'm feeling a bit lethargic today.   Very sleepy.
It's likely I'm going thru another detox phase. 
It's not all roses and balloons.
It's work.  It takes patience, expecially with your body
and the different phases of detox.
The whole point is to feel better and I know
I will again on the otherside of this round.
This is proof my body is responding.

FYI:  Stages of Detox:

The last couple of evenings I've had some light muscle cramps in my hand and foot.
I've experienced this before when I missed my daily potassium.
I know I'm flushing my body with a lot of fluids.  Likely the reason.
Supplementing with a banana and skipping the mild diuretic
my doc prescribed nearly two years ago.  I haven't had any bp issues
since I started taking it but when it was prescribed,
is the during the same time my mom was dying.  There was a lot going on. 

Ciao, for now!

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