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Saturday, August 6, 2011


I can report the headaches are gone!  Three days of horrendous headaches.  Gone!
Energy is thru the roof!  I actually walked up a flight of stairs today without being winded!
Better yet .... I walked down them like a normal person,
instead of  the same leg going down each time, holding on to the rail!
I haven't been hungry!  No cravings!

I admit, because of my schedule away from home today, I ate solid food!
Peaches, strawberries and cantaloupe.  All raw!  Not so bad.

I found a fabulous book at the bookstore yesterday!
It not only includes recipes, but lots of tips.
The index is categorized by fruits and veggies
so you can use what you have on hand!
There is also a section that tells you what nutrients
you need for certain chronic illnesses AND
the kind of juice to make to able your body to heal itself!

You could not have convinced me a week ago.
I am hooked now!
My body is responding!

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  1. ok, you gotta call me and tell me about this juicy thing. I am quite intrigued.


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