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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here we go again!


I threw in the towel Monday because of the wretched kale!
Missed out yesterday because I was in too much physical pain all day
(neck/shoulder) to even want to try it again. 
Felt better towards end of day and prepped all the
fruits and veggies for today!
Today is my Official First Day of Reboot #1!
I juiced my green drink and my fruit drink this morning.
Will be drinking off and on all day, as needed.

Shooting for getting thru the first three days .... then seven
.... then, we'll see!

Mean Green Juice (mine!)

Kale - 6+ leaves
Spinach - 5-6 fistfuls
Celery - 3 stalks
1 Cucumber
1 Green Apple
1 Pear
1 Peach

Fruit Juice

Black Grapes
Carrots x4
2 handfuls spinach

plus ..... lots of water (6 x 8 oz).  
Well, that's lots for me!

  8:30am -  8oz fruit/veg juice
10:20am -  8 oz green juice
12:10pm -  8 oz green juice
  2:00pm -  8 oz fruit/veg juice
  2:45pm -  headache.  ugh.  craving salt.
  3:45pm -  Is it really cheating if I have a 1" piece of banana?  :-/   What about 9 goldfish?
  4:00pm -  8 oz green juice
  5:15pm -  16 oz green juice
  8:00 pm - 16 oz green juice

I haven't been on a schedule with this today.  ie, breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/dinner/snack.  I can't drink a full 20oz at a time.  I thought it might be best to drink smaller amounts off and on because of  my hypocglycemia.  I've gotta make a dash to the market this evening!  Actually looking forward to perusing the produce!  Also learned, I can add Naked Juice (not the NJ smoothie) for a quickie if I'm on the run!  Wish I could use V8!  Maybe I can come up with a juice recipe for it and Orange Julius! 

Made a quick run to Jimmy Lowes for more veggies and fruit.  Found a recipe for V8 AND Orange Julius!!   Came back with a watermelon, Chilton County peaches, cucumbers (6 for $1.49), and some of same stuff I used today, along with some Naked Juice from Winn Dixie.  I had to get out of there quickly cause the deli and bakery smells were wafting around my head!

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