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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tip of the Week

Hi, my name is Terri ... and,

I confess.  I use dryer sheets.  I've not attempted to make my own.  Currently, 
I use Bounce.  I purchase the large size at Sam's.  I cut the entire stack (as needed)
into thirds.  Yes!  1/3 sheet is more than enough for a full dryer load!  I never use 
them with towels because towels lose their absorbency.  As soon as my drying rack
arrives, towels will line dry on the back porch, along with my husband's jeans, which 
currently hang on the bar chairs in the kitchen and then get tossed into the dryer long
enough to soften and get the wrinkles out ... five minutes tops, instead of nearly an 
hour... and not during the hottest part of the day when it costs a guaddamuck of $$
to run the dryer!  No, I'm not ironing these days!  Too many other irons in the fire!

I do a lot of alternative things. But, I have yet to switch from dryer sheets to 
a more natural source for softening/de-wrinkling clothes.  My husband helps 
out with the laundry quite often and .... well, do you think he's gonna squeeze 
out a sponge soaked in vinegar to toss in the dryer?  Or, remember to pour 
vinegar in during the rinse cycle?  No way!  So for now, it's dryer sheets.  
But, hey!  I'm tripling their use, then they go into the compost bin along 
with the dryer lint.  Wouldn't that be considered some shade of green living?

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