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Friday, April 6, 2012

Recycling Party Leftovers


I saw the question posted on FB this morning: 

What do you do with leftovers from a party?  

Recycle, of course!

Leftover raw veggie tray - freezer bags for stew. 

Leftover fruit - freezer bags for smoothies.
Leftover meat - freezer bags for sandwiches or soups or casseroles.  

Leftover cheese - freeze for casseroles, burritos, etc. 

Leftover dips - use as a spread on wraps or sandwiches - 
some are even great tossed with pasta or cooked with rice!  
Some dips can be frozen!  Leftover salsa can be added to 
almost anything, including meatloaf!

Leftover cake - make a trifle or freeze and 
thaw later to make cake balls/pops!

Leftover punch -  freeze it!

Leftover crawfish - peel em!!  Make stock with 
the heads for future cajun dishes!

Leftover shrimp - Shrimp salad, jambalaya, gumbo or freeze!

Leftover sushi - there is never any leftover sushi!

Leftover stale chips - bag them and crush them later 
for coating fish, pork chops or topping casseroles.  

Leftover stale crackers - see above!

Leftover coffee - iced coffee tomorrow!


  1. Oh I love these ideas and most of them I have never even thought about!!!

  2. Debby! Is this my sista from anotha motha?? ♥

  3. Great ideas! I hate seeing waste after a party.


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