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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Juggling Act!

Hey Y'all!

I've missed my blogging!

Spring has sprung!
Busy-ness in the garden!
Disassembling useless structures for new raised beds!

Canning never seems to stop!
Scored a bunch of veggies at the farm stand yesterday for $5!
Canned pickled veggies this morning!
Monday, I canned crawfish stock!
Lastweek, I canned soup!
Later today, I'm canning ham!
(after Easter sale!)

I've been foraging in the field across the street!!
Plantain, Dandelion and Blackberries!
Also learning how to identify edible and medicinal plants!

The dehydrator is running almost 24/7!  
Dandelion Blossoms for tea (or jelly)!
Blossoms and Kale on it this morning!

Reading!  A lot!
Learning new things!

Preparing for an art event!
Only participating in one of these this year (by choice)!
April 21st on Dauphin Island!

And still taking time for some fun with the granbaby!!

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