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Monday, April 16, 2012

Garden Projects

The Latest Project!

Nephew-in-love disassembling useless deck!
Note:  This has been an idea in the back of my head for some time,
but it surfaced from my husband's mouth first!!  Yes!!

Recycled "useless deck" boards to build a raised bed garden! 
Huge tree roots revealed resulted in altered U-Shape.  It'll work!
Drainage cloth added to line and lessen erosion (area slants toward bulkhead).
Gravel needed to level out space so we aren't tripping on trunks (also under soil).
Note:  the soil was given to us by a friend who had way to much after landscaping!
It's already provided soil for three other beds both here and given to family
and friends!  Shared the love!  All we had to buy were the amendments, 
which included vermiculite, peat moss and compost!
If I remember correctly even the cloth and gravel were a trade-out!
I ♥ bartering!

Covered soil with straw to lessen erosion and seeds washing away from 
coming rains next three days.  Also helps retain moisture.
Lettuce boxes moved from back porch to partial shade!

Upside down tomato cages will make great tee pees for the sugar snaps!
Transplanted kale, beets, chard and basil from other locations.
Background tee pees are blueberries covered with an old shrimp net (birds!).

Now to take a few days off (only because of rains) to tackle less back-breaking chores!

Happy Gardening!

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  1. you must be ecstatic! It looks beautiful! I hear it is supposed to start warming up now, so maybe now I can get started too!

    1. Hey wait a minute, are those railroad ties for a retaining wall?! Don't even ask what our retaining wall is made of LOL!!

  2. I love how you upcycled an old deck! Very creative and resourceful!


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