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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts ...

Greetings Peeps!

Sorry I've been awol for a few days.
It's been a tread softly kind of week.
Two words.  Chronic Pain.
It slows me down sometimes.

I returned to juicing for a week.
Last time it tremendously reduced inflammation
which exacerbates chronic pain.
I'm thinking the culprit to be wheat and/or sugar.
We'll see!

Today I am pacing myself .... housework.
Longing to be in the garden.
Lots of ideas growing in my head!
After all the rain the last few days
the tomatoes have grown to the point they
really need to be tied to their stakes now.

I have a huge pot of chicken on the stove
(making chicken broth and chicken and rice soup to can).
The weekend is shaping up to be nice and sunny.

During this down time I've been re-evaluating the to-do list.
It doesn't all have to be done today ... or this week.
Prioritizing sometimes includes turning down invitations
for social events.  I love the fellowship with my friends and family.
But I'm having to keep my strength, energy and pain level in mind.
Otherwise, I fall short of accomplishing those things I need to do.

This isn't a pity party.  It's realizing my limits during the rough spots.
As a friend and I were discussing this morning, 'when we have good days,
we push ourselves to do way too much.  And then we have bad days.
Those days when we accomplish little because we pushed ourselves
too  hard'.

Learning to pace myself ...
to be selective ...
to respect ME ...
to enjoy the solitude when necessary ...
 to love life (it is what it is) ...
to know I am blessed in the valley, as well.  ♥

Be Blessed!

Prickly Pear Cactus, watercolor

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