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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Plantain! Nature's Bandaid!

Guess What?
It wasn't the twine I cut!
It was my knuckle.
A nice v-shaped slice.

I washed it, wrapped it and walked across the road.
I picked a fistful of plantain leaves,  
chewed them up and placed the wad 
on my bleeding finger and wrapped it back up.
I repeated it twice.
24 hours later you can barely see the cut!

Below are photos of plantain.

Plantago Minor - From the field next door.

Plantago Major - Photo credit: Illinois Wildflowers

How did I know what to do?
I've been following Canning Granny's blog about 
natural healing and had just read this post the day before!  Fortunately, from earlier readings I had already wandered 
into the field and identified plantain!


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