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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hoping to catch some zzzzzzz's

Sleep Tight!

Bulk Herb Store's Sleep Tight Tea
Awhile back I ordered some Sleep Tight Tea from Bulk Herbs.  
I've tried everything to combat insomnia.  
So far the only thing that works is Ambien.
I'm now desperately trying to wean myself off of it.
I'm not having any side effects from the Ambien.
I simply don't think it's a good idea for the long term.

The Sleep Tight Tea isn't working either.
However, after reading more about it on the Bulk Herb site
and watching one of Shoshanna's videos,
I'm willing to try a more concentrated form.

The do have a Snooze Tincture
but since I already have the Sleep Tight Tea mixture,
and it has most of the same ingredients,
I'm gonna try making a tincture with what I have on hand.

So, today I prepared a tincture with the Sleep Tight Herbs.
You can read about how to do it on the Bulk Herb website.
After three weeks I'll strain the tincture and try it!  We'll see!


  1. I hope it works. "Good bye sleepless nights!"


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