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Monday, March 19, 2012


Spent St. Patty's Weekend 
with a lot of green . . .
in the Garden, that is!

We spent the weekend outside in the garden.
Did a little planting (apple trees, lavender, agapanthus, bluebells and coreopsis and tomatoes).  
A little shrub trimming and removing. A little tree trimming.  
Dismantled part of an old wooden swing frame.  Saved the monkey bars for my blackberries!  
The old Lady Banks had to come down ... it was dieing. : (

Strawberries!  I popped that red one in my mouth!  Yum!

"Margarita Garden"
as in Margarita Pizza!
Romas and Basil!

Might get a couple more harvests from the collards.
They seem to have slowed down a bit.
We've been getting collards from this little patch for nearly six months!

Our back porch salad box!
We get two or three salads a week off these three boxes!
Last night I snipped enough to chop for tacos!

My Mint Tower!
Must keep mint contained or it would take over!

Top to bottom:

Chocolate Mint

Apple Mint
Orange Citrus Mint

Sweet Mint
and one just labeled "mint"


On the list for this week:

Plant the blackberries and raspberries
Prepare ground and plant squash, zucchini and eggplant.
Stake ALL the tomatoes.
Prepare pots for potato plants.
Research Vertical Gardening!

Also, balance the checkbook and other paperwork,
get some studio work done
and get started digging thru my garage.
No telling what I'll find out there!

Have a beautiful week, y'all!
Keller enjoyed a sprinkle donut!
Or, I should say she enjoyed the sprinkles!

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