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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pantry Project 101

Making Progress!

This week's project is to finish the pantry arrangement. If you've been keeping up you already know that the results of my new found canning skills overtook the heavy duty pantry shelves resulting in relocating most of the existing pantry, ie. spices, mixes, condiments, baking essentials (Think: Clutter) to shelving in my studio.  We are in the process of remedying that problem.  To sum it up we're swapping places.  All of the canning will go on the new shelving in the studio (600# limit per shelf) and the other items will return to the pantry WITH DOORS ON IT. 

It was a relatively easy task to assemble.  There were a few pinched hands and sparks!  But we laughed our way through it!  I mean ... some assembly required makes for some tense moments .. especially with a wife that is a bit anal about wasted space.  : )  

This is how we left it last night!  Ready and waiting!
Behind that camera lense is my studio
ready and waiting to be rescued and utilized!

Foot pain resulted in a slow-go this morning.  I'm determined to do this.  As I moved back and forth between shelves I stayed on track with something my Great Aunt Petie used to say.  "Gramma's slow, but she's sure."  I began unloading the pantry and loading the new shelving with the things I've canned the last four months.  Subtract the down time when I broke my foot and it was actually a span of two months.  No wonder I had a stress fracture that became a full blown break!  Speaking of the foot.  It's much better as far as the break is concerned.  That healed well.  The other issue is still being monitored but looks to be healing.  The burning nerve pain is here to stay.  It comes and goes ... more often present than not.  I'm pacing myself this morning because there's a lot to do.  But, hey!  I did say this was a week-long project!  I still have four days to finish this.  

I'm already loving the new look!  The canning jars are so pretty to look at!  Inspiring!  Only one problem.  The shelves are filling up fast!  And this is only the winter canning.  OMG!  Gardening season is just beginning.  Harvest and canning isn't far behind.  I think all will be ok.  There will be plenty of space since we're eating the stuff too!  Now that things are out where I can see them, I'm inspired to make a pie with the apple pie filling!  Or maybe some soup with those dehydrated veggies!  ♥  Or maybe .... just maybe I'll be inspired to paint since I have a view like this instead of all the cluttered pantry items that were there!  


  1. Wow! Ya'll got lots done!! Looks great!

  2. That's about 1/3 of the project! Still gotta reorganize the "clutter pantry" and get the studio straightened up. Pacing myself! You should see the garage!

  3. Love it! The shelves in the first pic are the ones I have...
    Sorry about the foot pain! You amaze me girl!! Don't do it all before I can get there! Thinking April or May???

  4. I have an art show on April 21st! You can come then and sit with me all day!! ♥


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