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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nettle Infusion

Herbal Infusions
Ever tried them?

I've been taking herbal supplements for years.
I've been drinking herbal teas for quite awhile.
This is my first herbal infusion.  
Nettle Leaf Infusion to be exact.
Kinda like an herbal "tea" on steroids!  

Why Nettle?  It's a "nourishing" herb.
And it's one that increases energy!
Who doesn't need that?
I wonder how long it will take to kick in?!
It also helps build blood ... good for anemia.
Another plus for me (anemic fatigue is like no other)!
Bone and joint health is another thing 
on the list of  the Nettle "can do" actions! 

(do NOT use nettle if you are pregnant!)

Nettle Leaf
more about nettle @ fiberarts

Lots of info at Mountain Rose HerbsLive Strong,
 Bulk Herb Store and one of my faves, Susun Weed!  
She's a bit "out there" but very knowledgeable!
Do some research!   Find an infusion that fits your needs!
There's an abundance of info out there!

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