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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making Stock!

Another great tip!!

Do you make your own stock?
Veggie Stock?  Beef Stock?  Chicken Stock?

They are all super easy to do ... only a few tried and true rules!

Karma Free Cooking photo

I've always tossed leftovers into a freezer container .... saved for that first soup of the season!  I've always tossed veggie peels, bits and pieces into the compost.  But wait!  Instead of using fresh veggies to make stock (and then discarding?  not in this house!), toss those peelings, nubs and wilted carrots into the freezer til you have a gallon bag full.  I also toss my veggie pulp from my juicer into the bag!  Make a few quarts of vegetable stock (can or freeze), and THEN toss the remains in the compost.  Waste not!  Want not!  You know it's healthier than store bought stock!    Pssssst!  You can even use your crock pot to do this!!

Read more at The Garden of Eating!  Great article on this subject!  Oh so easy!  Next time you clean out the produce drawer in the fridge, ask yourself if you can use the item in stock instead of tossing it!  Recycling at it's best!

There's another post over at Poor Girl Eats Well about making veggie stock!  And another at Hillbilly Housewife!  And still another at Karma Free Cooking!


  1. I know this is a "dumb question" But what do you use veggie stock for? I've never used it for anything.

  2. anything! add flavor to veggie soup, rice, pasta! Google!


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