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Monday, March 5, 2012

Recap of the weekend ...

Hey Y'all!

We had a great weekend with our Granbaby girl, Keller!
Four days total to entertain a two and a half year old!
For the most part she entertained us 
with her comments and expressions!
What an exhausting bit of joy she is!!

We paid a visit to Julia Street Farm in midtown.
After gathering our eggs and salad greens, 
we visited the chickens at the rear of the property.
Keller was fascinated when she saw them
and their brown, blue, green and white eggs!  
I commented on all the different colors 
and she looked up at me and whispered 
"taste the rainbow" (ie. Skittles commercial)!

We received a package from friends in France.
Keller insisted we open it right away! 
(I was hoping her sweet little face would
distract y'all from the clutter on the kitchen counter)! 
Oh the treasures!!!  Thanks Caro and Kathy!

We made a trip to the garden center!
Keller selected the flowers and colors:  
pink, purple, red, orange and white! 
After the rain ended she brought her 
garden gloves to me and suggested
 it was time to plant the flowers!  
A pleasant burst of spring at the back door!

 This is what I'm facing today!  
This conglomeration of art biz paperwork has 
cluttered my dining room table 
since the beginning of February.  Don't ya think it's time?  
It is my goal by the end of the day.  
It's gonna be an off-the-foot kinda day 
anyway after the weekend!

And this happened over the weekend!  
The zippered bag that holds my formals collapsed.
I think it's time to minimize!  

So goes my life!
Full of joy!

Evening Update:
Dining Room Table!
The albatross has flown the coop!



  1. Don't you love the energy of a two and a half year old! And the way she cracks the whip, keeps you on your toes. Have a good day.

  2. Thanks Marti! I definitely burn some calories with that little one around!!! Hope you had a good day and have a blessed week!!!

  3. Yay to a fine fun weekend with Keller, and Yay to a cleared dinning room table! Ya done good :) Have a cup of pink tea, you deserve it :D !!

  4. I found my pink tea today while lugging all the pantry stuff around!! Then I got distracted! It is sitting on my counter so I will see it tomorrow at "stress time" so I can breathe in the vapors!!


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