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Monday, March 26, 2012

Recycling Food! I'm not talking leftovers!

Evah tell me it can't be done!

It's far to easy to root what 
would be headed for the compost.

 Pineapple top rooted!
Place the top in glass of water for two weeks. 
I changed the water when it looked cloudy.
This baby's ready for a pot!

 Green Onions!  
I cut the ends off and used the tops.
I stuck the root ends into a pot with some other stuff
and within three days the tops were breaking thru the soil!

Yep!  I cut the bottom off to clean the stalks.
I thought ... hmmmm.  Why not?
Stuck it in the pot and in less than a week they broke ground!
This is just over two weeks old!
There are two more in there that look like this!

I'm doing the same with my organic new potatoes 
that sprouted on the counter!

I also read you can do this with Ginger!
You know how expensive Ginger is!
Well, you know .... if you juice!

Happy Gardening!!


  1. No way!! Who would've thunk it? Wow, my head is spinning. Had a LOT of garlic to dried out to use in the jalapenos yesterday... gunna give them a shot!

  2. My garlic and onions are just starting to turn brown at the tip tops!!! Trying to avoid the urge to go ahead and pull them to dry ..... They are taking up my bush bean space!


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