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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This too will pass.  I keep telling myself that.  Hobbling around on my gimpy foot.  Had myself a pity party this morning over something as simple as wanting a cup of coffee.  It passed as well.  I managed to make it to the coffee pot.  Pumpkin Spice coffee is brewing.  Getting back to the chair with a cup is yet to be seen!  I retrieved an insulated Starbucks coffee cup from the cabinet.  If the lid proves to be spill proof and the weight of carrying it my pocket doesn't pull my pants down around my ankles and trip me up on these crutches, I will have conquered the return of another "normalcy" in my life.  Ugh.  And today only marks one week.


I'm missing my granbaby girl, but I know the situation warranted her going to daycare now.  Jen has kept me posted with pics and phone calls.  I felt a little bit of that "failure" thing this morning (along with the coffee subject).  Wishing I had done more crafty things with her.  Wishing I had taken her to the park or other off-site activities.  That's an issue when you keep a child at home.  That darned to-do list (not to mention the frustrating orthopaedic and fatigue issues).  I quickly snapped out of it when I felt that Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder (yeah I know it wasn't a cricket!) reminding me that she started daycare knowing and recognizing her ABC's and basic colors.  We gardened.  We built Lego towers.  We blew bubbles.  We chased shadows outside.  We went for lunch at The Diner.  We had picnics on the living room floor.  We watched movies.  We learned songs.  We read books.  We colored.  We counted oranges and apples and sorted big and little.  We snuggled.  We bonded. 

I miss the little phrases I heard everyday.  "Gramma, let's build color towers",  "Gramma, put my hula on", "Gramma, let's watch Gullah Gullah Island", "Gramma, I missed you so much", and all the other cute things she says!   But, I know she's in good hands.  We're fortunate there was a position open just when we needed it.  Once the frankenfoot has healed, we can spend some more fun time together again .... soon I hope!

She came by last week to show me her nap mat!

The coffee is done!  I'm gonna hobble in there and see how this works out!  I can do this!  Later!


  1. We take the little things for granted, like getting a cup of coffee, and the presence of those grand kids. Hope your foot makes a remarkable recovery.

  2. Thank you Marti! It will! God's got this!!


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