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Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorite Things Friday!

It's Favorite Things Friday, Y'all!
Welcome to My Other Palette!
Glad you stopped by!

Appropriately!  A favorite thing!  My Granbaby girl, Keller!
Being the end of another year and resolutions looming for many,
I often simply reflect on the past year and celebrate it with joy and thanksgiving. 
Yes!  The good, the bad and the ugly. 
The struggles, the blessings, the differences and the shortcomings. 
These things ultimately make us who we are. 
Or I should say, how we react to these things makes us who we are. 
Be grateful to everyone and for everything. 
It's all crossed our path for a reason.  For reasons we may ever know.  
One of my favorite things to do is pull out my journal for the year passing and read.  

I often follow that reflection with a "Dear God" letter, pouring out my heart,
asking for his guidance and protection and grace and wisdom during the upcoming year. 
He hasn't failed me yet!  But, oh so many times I have failed Him.  I am a work in progress.
 I'm learning to exercise grace towards myself and be more forgiving of myself.
I am also an anal list maker so it would be un-natural for me not to make a list of some kind
of expectations for 2012!  Keeping it simple!  You'll notice a pattern! 

1.  Make my bed every single day
(self-discipline and good start to the morning)

2.  Take my supplements every single day
(self-discipline and keeps my insides functioning)

3.  Get some form of exercise every single day
(self-discipline and strength for getting thru each day)

Sure, there are tons of other things in my life that should probably be on that list,
but, these are the things I struggle with  daily .... others come naturally.

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While reflecting on past journals, I came across a post I copied from my mom's My Space page a few years back.  Mom passed away in 2009, less than a week after my first grandchild was born.

"I can't , for the life of me, understand myself. Why would I try to understand someone else? As I look back over my life I see so much wasted time. Time I could have used in much more useful ways. Ways that would encourage, enlighten or lift up someone else. Maybe just a word or a "God bless you" or an "I love you" would have helped. Too often (and I am guilty) we spend the majority of our time on trying to satisfy our own self wants. What can I get? What do I need? What would make me happy? And nine times out of ten when we get it, it doesn't change anything. We are still in that rut of misery. Still wanting and still searching. My prayer is "God, help me to see things differently than I have in the past. Help me to be what you want me to be. Material things that we struggle to acquire don't mean that much so why do we worry. You said in Your Word that the flowers do not toil and that you are mindful of our every need . Help me to totally put my faith in you and let the desires of my heart be to be more like you. Help me to encourage those I come in contact with, to pray for each and everyone that I meet, and to say, "I love you and God bless you” to all who cross my path. Let me be a vessel that your love pours from , a shoulder to cry on, or just a good listener for those who need someone to talk to. I may not be able to solve problems but I can point them to the problem solver. I may not be able to lift them, but I can show them one whose hand is always extended and has all the strength we need. One who will never fail you, and who will always be there for you through sickness, health, or financial crisis. One who never leaves your side. One who, if you will just stop, be still and quite, relax, you can feel His arms around you and hear His voice of assurance. I thank You for Your love for me and I ask that You help me to show this same type of love to others. Help me realize the real desires of my heart are not material but are spiritual. Something that I can really build a future on."
May God bless you in the coming year! 
May you be a blessing in the coming year!


  1. Good Monring!!! I love seeing sweet little K! She is such a doll baby!

    I just posted abt a fun link up for Monday. I hope you and J will link & play along:)

    May 2012 be a year filled with nothing but blessings!

  2. keller is precious and i am in love with her name. girl, great goals, you can do it! many blessings on your new year.


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