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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Everyone has a lot on the to-do list during the holiday season!
I've had to push about 80% of mine aside and just go with the flow.
The top of my list is to get well and not further injure my foot.
Tomorrow, we find out what direction the orthopaedic doctor wants to go in.

Thank Heaven for the Christmas Elves who put up my Christmas trees!
Now, I just need Baking Elves, Cooking Elves, Wrapping Elves and Gardening Elves!
My dear husband has the Cleaning Elf and Chauffeur Elf covered!

I've gone from being Caregiver to being cared for. 
It takes a lot of grace towards myself to let go and accept the help.
I have to let go of the attitude "If it is to be, it is up to me" for now.
I know it will all be fine.  This too will pass.  My God's got this one!

While you're browsing, check out the post with our Advent Calendar !
Yep! I got the idea from Pinterest and put my own twist on it!
My daughter rolled it up and took it home so Keller could enjoy it there!

So much for SEMI-Wordless!


  1. LOL! I need the exact same Christmas elves for my holiday celebrations!

    Hi - nice to meet you - am your Newest FOLLOWER from the Semi-Wordless Wednesday hop! Your tree looks beautiful and Keller Bug looks like a sweetie. Enjoy your holidays!

    If you want to visit/follow me back, my blog would be a holiday treat!

    Happy Holidays---

    Sand and Sea
    (aka beachside cottage)


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