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Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent Season Project

 Advent Season

I created an Advent Calendar for my Granbaby Girl, Keller.  We always had one (a good bit smaller) for our girls as they were growing up.  Sharing bits and pieces of the Christmas Story, along with stories and joys from Christmases past, is a grand way to share the joy of Christmas with a child. 

 I've done similar for shut-ins, although instead of an advent calendar we shared The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Although, in my Southern ignorance, I always thought that was the twelve days before Christmas, not the twelve days after.  And since my first child was born twelve days before, it just seemed appropriate.  Anywho!  For twelve days before Christmas, there was a small package for each day to open up to the big day!  Such joy it brought to our elderly friends and family. 

Moving on ...
Clear Shoe Bag turned Advent Calendar!

Each Numbered Pocket Holds a Surprise!
These photos were taken last week in anticipation of greeting each day with a visit to the Advent Calendar.  After I had an opportunity to hang it, Keller would stand looking and tell everyone 'put your hands behind your back and don't touch' only to be caught fingering the ribbons!  She'd then emphatically say 'I just wanted to touch the ribbon, granmom'.  Oh, how I miss that little darlin! 

We had to roll the calendar up and send it home with her.  She'll be attending preschool now instead of knocking on my door every morning.  Odd silence after two and half years of seeing her nearly everyday.  Sad silence if I think about it.  I'm trying not to.  Trying to remain 'joyfully' yeah right occupied.  Me and my Frankenfoot.  I'm determined to focus on the joy of the season and this situation!

I have to share a somewhat blurred photo of the team of Elves that put up the most beautiful Christmas tree in my home!  I returned from the orthopaedic clinic Tuesday evening to such a sweet, unexpected sight of towering twinkling lights and giggling.  A pure Christmas blessing!  Thank you!  Thank you!

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