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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How do you Cook(book)??

I posed a question yesterday on my other Facebook page

What is your fave go-to cookbook?

That was a hard one ... even for me!

The main 'everything cookbook' shelf!  

On the bench in the foyer!  Cookbooks, etc!

Stacked along the wall in the guest room!
Yes!  That is a peek of a double bookcase 
on the left side of the pic!  It's crammed!

Stacked between the recliners in the bedroom!

There are more at our 'home away from home' on the island!
But, the winner would be these two.  
My 'homemade' cookbook and the one made by 
my (years ago) co-workers! They are the first ones 
I pick up when looking for old favorite recipes!
My 'homemade' one was created with favorite magazine rips, 
recipe cards from family and friends and lots of write-ins! 
I saved the last dozen pages for indexing.  
Yes!  I numbered the pages ... over 600 of them!  
And!  I indexed them!  
I have to remember to add to the index when I write new fave 
recipes inside!  Otherwise they would never be seen again! 
It's a huge spiral binder with blank pages and a blank canvas cover!
I always know that fave recipes can be found in these two books.

Except for my Tomato Pie recipe.  
I've searched all over for it this morning.  
Ugh. I need some serious organizing!  Seriously!

I've always said I would paint or collage the 
front of that binder one day!
One day, obviously, hasn't arrived!  
Love those heavy duty spiral binders!!!
Hint!  Hint!  Birthday is coming up!   : )

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