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Monday, June 25, 2012

Catching up ...

Hey Y'all!

I'm not feeling very productive today following a labor intense weekend.
I have declared today a 'day of rest' because my entire body needs it.

Over the weekend I also ended a short juice fast.  This time I haven't overdone it by diving into "food" head-on.  I learned my lesson following the first fast!  I will continue juicing at least once a day for health.  Last week I came across a great idea, via a Facebook Page I follow called Canning Confessions. I've always found it a chore to remember to drink enough water throughout the day.

I'm not certain where this photo originated or I'd pass along the credit!  :-}

I made a gallon jug of this fruit infused water over the weekend.  I don't remember a single family member popping the top on a cola or drinking much of anything else except this water.  I did the citrus and added raspberries to it.  Awesome.  We had a huge fruit salad (watermelon, blueberries, raspberries and cantaloupe) leftover which I dumped into the jug after the citrus became tired.  That's what I'm drinking this morning!  I have another bag of watermelon in the fridge and a huge pineapple on the counter!  I'm thinking: Hello rosemary and mint!

This morning I hopped over to the Canning Confessions website and found another great idea!  I was wondering what to do with an abundance of red onions I brought in last week after their drying time.  Check out her Sweet and Sassy Red Onion Marmalade!  This recipe is sure to transform this bunch of red onions into a delectable treat! 

It was truly a blessing to have my family together Saturday!  It's rare that we hit a day when someone isn't working or out-of-town or just plan exhausted from a work week.  Had a great time in the kitchen, in the pool and in the swings!  And many, many hours of Polly Pockets!

While spending yesterday preparing another rental for arrivals, we were also watching the weather, wondering what Tropical Storm Debby was gonna do.  Lots of  wind and high tides but no rain ... yet!  I'm still not sure the forecasters know!  The surf was beating the rocks along the causeway from the island!

Hope you all had a grand weekend!  It was fun!  It was exhausting!  It was a blessing!  Now, I'm gonna spend a couple of hours with my feet up ... hoping the cleaning fairies arrive a clean the house!  Paying a visit to the orthopedic doc this afternoon.  I'm having issues with my left foot following a weekend of many stairs and an out-of-service elevator ... and a sleepless, tearful night.  It's time for a follow-up!  

Be Blessed!

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  1. Good recipe links and a pretty shore photo. Thank you so much for sharing them. I hope your visit to the doctor brings you some relief.