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Monday, December 20, 2010

I've been under the weather the past week with the crud. Feeling better today but not totally up to par. But, hey! I'll take sub-par over how I felt over the weekend any day. Hate I missed all the blogging last week....didn't wanna spread this crud virally! ha ha ... get it? computer virus? LOL! I know. I'm over it! Must be excess mucous! ;-] (sheepish grin)

What more can I say?
I'm smitten!!

I got a little burst of energy yesterday afternoon and almost overdid it. Isn't that the way we women do things? 90% ready for the neighbors and drop-ins! We used to exchange gifts and then suddenly we began giving of ourselves instead. Priceless labors of home-made love!

How do you Bark?

Almond Bark is one of my favorite things to create with! There are endless possibilities!!! This year it was used in several traditional Christmas variations.

Vanilla Bark w/dried cranberries and pistachios. Pretty red and green treat!

Peppermint Bark: Layers of Chocolate and Vanilla Bark w/crushed peppermint!

Almond Joys: My variation of Martha Washington Balls...I had almonds instead of pecans and dip in chocolate bark. (My husband is a big fan of Almond Joy!)

Puff Bark: Golden Flake Corn Puffs lightly coated with Vanilla Bark (options: sprinkle with pecans or drizzle with chocolate)

Vanilla Bark w/almonds and dried apricots. mmmmmmmm!

Tomorrow I'll share a "Bark" treat for your canine friends!!

The possibilities are endless! What do you create with it? Do you use it any other time of year?

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