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Monday, December 20, 2010

How Do You Wrap?

This is how I do it!
Red, Green and White
w/an occasional dash of silver and gold!

This goes for the paper as well as the embellishments!
Anything shiny and blingy and polka-dotty will do!

Lots of Ribbon!
Red and Green or any
of the above combinations!


Yes! Even the critter treats!!

Vanilla Bark, Milk Bones and Sprinkles!
That's all there is to it! Fa la la la la!!
The vanilla bark is safe for dog consumption!

~ Reminiscing Favorite Gifts ~

Oh my, where to start. Can I list more than one? Bear with me!
I must preface with saying my children have never given me
anything, anytime of the year, that I didn't favor and cherish.
All the handmade, glitter, glue and macaroni picture frames,
hand prints and ornaments trump everything else!
One of my first faves was receiving my engagement ring
three years after we were married. When we were engaged
we couldn't afford a house and a diamond so I opted for
the house. Jennifer was 14 months old and we were sitting around
the Christmas tree opening gifts. One of mine was a diamond!
I've received more over the course of our 31 year marriage,
but that one was my favorite because I really believed
"diamonds are forever" and after coming thru a rocky year,
well, you know. It wasn't huge by mosts' standards but it was
precious. Several years later he gave me a beautiful ring guard
to put it in.  It, my friends, was da bomb!

A more recent fave was only a few years ago.
There was a tall bulky wrapped box leaning against the wall,
obviously wrapped by my dear husband. I kept thinking it was
likely a leaf blower or a new weed eater. I was the keeper
of the gardens afterall. Imagine how surprised I was
to open it Christmas morning to find a 10x10 pop-up tent!
Need a little background? Well, we had discussed a month
earlier the possibility of my stepping out publicly with
my artwork and doing an upcoming outdoor art show
in the Spring on Dauphin Island. I hadn't committed
and was still apprehensive about it. I looked at him,
at first quizzically, and he said "for your art show" smiling.
Of course, the girls asked "What show?" and we went thru
the spiel with them. They were very excited about the idea.
Yes, I cried. I cried because it affirmed his support
and belief that I could present my work and be accepted.
I did. I was. I am loving it still.

The Best Gift I've Ever Given? Gosh, I'd have to say
it would be the anonymous gift(s) we give each Christmas
to a needy family. We usually don't even know who
til the last minute ... cause we wait til certain in our hearts.
A few times it's been simply dividing the blessing among
more than one or simply blessing homeless wanderers,
or even a week-long random acts of kindness thing.
That is the true spirit of Christmas and the blessing
feels complete after it's done! This Spirit of Giving
lives on during the year with our family too!

Merry Christmas to All!


  1. I am with you on the needy girl. I posted that too!!!

    Your ring story brought me to sweet! I would have opted for a roof over my head too, lol!

    Thanks for playing with Shannon & I.

    I LOVE the pokla dot ribbon.....I must have it:)

    I'll swing by and grab that & some cookies soon-

  2. love your ribbon choices. they are so pretty. your bark treats are such a great idea


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