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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Love it, Duh!

 Several years ago I made my first trip to Duh! in Pensacola and fell in love with, well, duh, EVERYTHING! I brought home this beautiful mosaic pot. Just look at all the color and patterns dancing around it! The pot has sat on my back porch welcoming visitors ever since. I've always wanted to do a mosaic with old dishes and never got around to it. This was such a beauty and reminded me of my grandmother's old plates. It just kept saying 'take me home, take me home' !! Hoping that one day it will inspire me to smash a few things and do my own piece. I've been saving an old card table to try it on ... one day!

 Last spring I noticed a huge crack down both sides and learned that the lengthy freezing temps we had last winter likely caused the pot to do whatever pottery does with extreme temperature changes. My husband helped me take the plant out of it and I cleaned it up and brought it inside. I'm gonna try to repair it with epoxy. Adding that to my to-do list for next week.

I haven't made it back to the store since that trip, but goody for me, Duh! sets up at the Festival of Flowers every year too! Right here in Mobile! Can't wait! Every year I come home with something fabulous from their tent as well as other tents! BTW, I'll be setting up a tent at the FOF next year with my artwork. You can preview at my website . My daughter Jennifer and a couple other artists will join me. Jen does some fabulous photography! Check out Jennifer's work on Facebook and at .

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