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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feeling Inspired!

I finally saw Julie & Julia! It was great! Feeling inspired to do SOMETHING! Something consistent, unlike laundry, making tea, pulling weeds and drying my hair. Something new. Something I can be passionate about. I know. I really need to add something else to my inconsistent, unexpected, flexible with other peoples' schedules, life. I'll think of something.

I considered a while back joining the painting a day movement. But I painted so prolifically last year I don't know about that. Perhaps if I choose one subject or medium or idea it would be more a challenge. I would obviously run into problems during show times cause I couldn't do a show and paint too. I'm not much of a demonstrative painter. Still considering.

I also considered blogging (of course I would blog, silly) about a personal makeover but the very idea of posting numbers mortifies me. Maybe I'll come up with a secret code that only I will know. That kinda defeats the purpose. I know.

I could start a blog about .... nah. That would only interest me. I'd like to attract followers like Julie did in the movie. Duh. I already have followers on my blog.

Okay. First I need to understand WHY I want to do this. Maybe to prove to myself I can do something consistently and see it through to the end. Ah-hah. Perhaps that would cure my tendency to procrastinate. I suppose I should practice being consistent with my bookwork, posting, etc. necessary with my art business. And, scrapbooking. And, cleaning out my closet. And, the myriad of other projects I have. Hmmmmmmmm. That may be an idea. Get-R-Done. Oh, that's already taken. Diary of a Mad Housewife? Done already. Any suggestions?

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