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Friday, June 19, 2009

Tiiiiiime is on my side.....yes it is!

It is... now that I deleted Jewel Quest from my computer! That game is as addicting as Zuma! Quick check of email and you realize an hour later you've been playing games....trying to beat your last score. Do that a few times a day and what a waste of time. It was great for when I couldn't sleep at night or while I was waiting around for someone or just killing time. But it got ridiculous! Gotta find a new way to keep my mind sharp and my hand/eye coordination strong. Good thing I zapped it.....I've finished two paintings this week and have started another! I think I need to focus on getting ready for grandbaby's arrival and keeping the laundry caught up and yanking weeds and ..... well, it never ends!

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  1. Geez...why THAT song?? (shaking from the shivers)