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Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Friday Night to Remember!

Steely Dan Tickets: $325
Dinner at Guy Harvey's: $250
Fifty year old getting carded: Priceless!!!

I don't remember Steely Dan being so instrumental. Breeze was nil. 100% humidity. Jazz instrumentals by a band we'd never heard of - for an hour. Then six LONG songs/instrumentals by Steely Dan before they played something I was familiar with. Poor Jen. At 37 weeks pregnant, she was so hot and her feet were swelling and the baby was kicking away. I don't think it was the music that got her moving....but all the fans stomping on the bleachers. Yes! Bleachers. Other than we wanted to shove the girl with the bug spray down the bleachers, the highlight of the evening was when TK stopped for beer and water at the entrance. He didn't have his license on him. They wouldn't sell him beer without checking his I.D.! He pulled of his cap and showed them his gray hair!!!!!! "No I.D. No beer, mister" The only one of us with a license was Tyler! So our youth ministry son-in-law had to buy TK a beer!!!! Priceless!!! We left probably half an hour before the end. They still hadn't played "Rikki Don't Lose that Number" by the time we got to the car. TK pulled up to the curb. It was nice and cold in the car and when we turned on the was the "concert after the concert" with Steely Dan. They sounded much better in the air conditioned car! And the tall ice-cold coke and Cheetos snack on the way home was priceless too!

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  1. oh man..I could visualize everything you were talking about here. You have a way with words and you know how to draw people in and then once they are in you finish painting the pictures in our minds...I enjoyed this!