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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gold Foil Stars

There must be a special place for caregivers in Heaven. It may not be full time job for me, but to be on call for every need can be exhausting. I just take it as it comes and fit it all into my art deadlines and shows and housework and other demands. I suppose we all earn our gold stars somehow. My aunt started chemo today. We sat at he infirmary from 7:30 this morning until 3:30 this afternoon. She had a five hour drip after seeing the doctor and then was sent home with a 48 hour infusion pump. Aunt Lawana had surgery for colon cancer and outside the colon last December but no chemo follow-up because of her age (82 or so). The cancer returned aggressively and they are gonna try to shrink it before doing surgery because of the organs involved. Fortunately my mom is finished with chemo for now. God's timing is amazing. Hopefully my mom will stay out of the hospital for a while. Her blood counts were low this morning but Dr. C decided to wait until Thursday to do another transfusion. I hope they can do it outpatient instead of admitting her. He is likely gonna schedule another bone marrow biopsy soon because they are concerned about her blast counts. Keep the prayers up!

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