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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strawberry Season in the Deep South!

Guess what's going down around here today?!!

My Baby Girl gave me a flat and a half of 
fresh local grown strawberries
Early Mother's Day gift!  Beautiful!

I'm making Strawberry Jam!   
Why not something more exotic?
Why?  When I can buy it so cheap at the grocer?
Why?  When it's labor intensive?

Why not?
They didn't cost me anything!
They are grown the next county over!
I know what's in the jam!
It's MY time and MY labor!

I'm gonna freeze a gallon bag full of strawberries
for smoothies and hope to get at least a dozen half pints of jam!
I may even make some Strawberry Champagne Jelly!
Now, that would be a challenge since my few attempts 
at jelly turned out to be syrup!  

I may need to get more strawberries!!
Later!  I've got recipes to search for!

I canning!

Update!  Fourteen half pints of Strawberry Jam from the flats!!
Brought home three more flats from the farmer's market yesterday!
And!! Hubs brought home three baskets of Chilton County Peaches!
Gonna be a busy week in the kitchen!


  1. Yummy!!!! By the way, that wasn't your Mother's Day present! LOL! It was a just because I love you happy! =) XO

  2. I love homemade jam, it's always better than in groceries. Mom is waiting for apricot of the garden to make jam too ;-)I also have a great strawberries recipe with balsamic vinegar, the combination may sound weird but trust me, it's so yummy !! Just let me know if you want it ;-)

  3. Yes Caro!! I love strawberries and balsamic!!!

    Awwwww.... thanks Jen! Love you too!!!!

    1. weird, it won't let me start a new comment! I guess I'll do a reply then! LOL Anywho... the jam looks beautiful! I'd like that balsamic recipe too Carol! :) Can you post it Teri?

  4. NOW it lets me add a comment... LOL