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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Silence is, indeed, Golden.

Hello out there!

Sorry I've been a sporadic blogger lately. There have been many, many distractions.
Gardening season, to-do lists, health and  occupy peace and quite, to name a few!
The introvert in me needs time to chill.  To recharge.  To regroup. To refresh.  To re-energize.
For me these things are best accomplished quietly, alone, without much outside stimulation.

This is how God wired me.  I'm comfortable in my own skin.  I like my own company.
Solitude is rejuvenating.  There truly is strength in silence and a reason behind Be Still and Know ...

I am rarely a big crowd kind of person. Only when the event calls for that small percentage
of extrovert personality that occupies my temperament. Chit chat and small talk annoy me.
As do superficial relationships.  Constant noise saps my energy. I'm a reflective individual.
Therefor I'm likely thinking more about the conversation at the table than participating in it.
Large crowds tend to drain me. Not 100% of the time, but more often than not.
It is the rare occasion that I feel in my element away from home.

Neither of my daughters were born with this trait. They are both adrenaline junkies (in their young age)! They love being in crowds and group settings and constantly on the go doing something. It actually refuels them.

I draw energy both from small groups and from being alone.  Perhaps I'm a combo, but I do lean
more towards being a loner than a thrill seeker.  I find myself longing for silence, that ahhhhhhhh moment when my personal normalcy returns. Sitting in silence.  Gardening.  Watching an old movie. Cleaning house. Shopping or dining by myself during the day. Working in my studio ... harnessing creative energy.  Or, even a major chore like canning.  Just me and a hissin' pressure canner in the kitchen all day long! Followed by welcome silence, of course!  

It's that alone time that recharges my batteries ... even if I'm crazy-busy!
I'm not alone in this world!  Extroverts out number introverts by a large scale.
Supposedly they are what makes the world go 'round.
But I think the rest of us bring balance and keep it from spinning off into space!

Move at your own blessed pace!

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