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Friday, May 4, 2012

After the rain ...

Happy Friday Y'all!

After over 5" of rain fell in the area this week,
the garden has gone crazy!!!   I could almost
hear everything growing and stretching out there!

I took a walk-thru with my camera this morning
making a mental list of what needs to be done
over the weekend.  Itching to get out there today
but I'm busy canning today.   Ham and Ham Stock
pictures with follow tomorrow.  You know you can't wait!



 Yes!!  First Red Cherry Tomatoes!!!

Sweet Banana Peppers!!
These are almost a foot long!!

This is the first year we have used high 
nitrogen worm castings in the garden.

The peppers and corn love it!  
Apparently everything else does too!
Having issues with squash and zucchini.  
Still no female blossoms = no fruit appearing yet.

I planted a new bed in a different location.  
We shall see!

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