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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OK....So this is supposed to be a before & after post.  As for me and my house ... who has had time to do anything this week except procrastinate put up the Christmas decorations.  Not to be left out, I am posting my studio re-do from last summer (only because it is ONCE AGAIN on the list)! Below is a before(left) & after (right) shot.

During the process of emptying the studio completely
and culling & organizing before putting it all back.....
I found this fabulous flat storage at a tag sale! 
It fit in my car with only 1/2 inch space to spare. 
It was meant to be mine and has made my studio life
a ton easier to find mats and bags and paper!

This was the transition phase ..... everything in the pool,
uhm, I mean the dining room.

It looked so good and was such a peaceful place. 
Unfortunately during the holiday rush, and
now preparing for upcoming shows,
it has nearly come full circle back to the disaster it was ....
evidenced by the photo below which I took this morning.  Ugh!

This is where I create!
This is where I post what I create!

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