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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The day started off with me putting away Christmas decorations. 
Of course as soon as Keller spotted the Santa hats she had to have the Ho Ho ON!

The rest of the day was great.......lunch, nap, movie, play, fall asleep half-on the blanket. 
I was sitting at the computer watching her like a good gramma, of course.  It had fallen
dark outside (5:45 pm) and I didn't turn on the light as I walked over and pulled her up onto
 the blanket.  I picked up an ink pen laying on the floor nearby (thinking I was glad
she hadn't seen it).  She was out ..... zzz z z z zzzz.  A few minutes later Lindsay
turned on the overhead light and asked me what was on her face.  I went and looked. 

I told Lindsay "Her mom is gonna rip my eyeballs out! 
Get me some wipes and some clean clothes!" 
I proceeded to pick her up and examine her face.
Then I turned her face and saw the other side. 
Then the papparazzi returned with the clothes and camera!  
The ink came off with the wipes. 
I'm hoping the Oxyclean will take it outta her clothes. 
She just looked at me an giggled when I told her she colored so pretty!  

This is where "Semi-wordless Wednesday" steps in!!!!!

Never again will I say "You have to watch her like a hawk" .... uh-uh, not me.



    You may have just lost your babysitting job, LOL! I saw this on FB but hopped on an then right off and was going to come back to comment but forgot. Glad you posted it one here. TOO FUNNY!

    Happy Thursday Friend:)

  2. LOL! It was quite an event!!! Cleaning and looking for everything and anything she might be able to reach next week!!!