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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm baaaaaack!   Sorry I've been AWOL for a couple of weeks chasin my tail and spinnin my wheels in the mud and muck of life!  Missed ya'll!  I also missed a couple of cool blog link-ups.  I'm re-entering the blogging world pondering on a few of my favorite things again.  Obviously family and friends trump everything else!!! 

I'll preface by saying these are not necessarily in order of priority,
 as priorities sway with hormones moods and occasions and energy levels, ya know! 
Look back a dozen or so blog posts past....and you'll likely see a completely different list! 

Who DOESN'T  cupcakes?  Any cupcakes!!
  I don't care if the powers-that-be have declared cupcakes out and pies in. 
I'll always choose cupcakes over pies!

I love, love, love pewter!  Not silver (too much labor), PEWTER! 
Especially the line you can bake AND serve in! 
It just adds an element of elegance to your table, don'tcha think?!!!

 Chocolate stash!  Need I say more?!

Hi. I'm Terri.  I'm a dishaholic. 
My radar zones in on the dish department of any store I enter! 
What you aren't seeing here is the armoir in the living room
which is also about to bust a seam!

GRITS!!!  Rates right up there with chocolate! 
I could pull a Bubba Gump here and declare I love 'em
with cheese, buttah, shrimp, fried, mexican, w/gravy, cold ...

Maybelline ColorStays Lip Color #765! 
I discovered this years ago and live in fear they will discontinue it one day.
I've never had a lip color that actually stayed put for HOURS!!! 

I ♥ my Viking!

Moscato!  My current fave!

What better to have a chilled glass of Moscato with than
Marguerita Pizza?!!!!!  Oh yeah!

And, at the end of the day,
or to calm the chaos in the middle of the day....
a cup of hot tea. 

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