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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jen and I drove to Pensacola this morning to deliver Caroline to the airport for her return trip to France.  What a lovely two week visit we had.  Miss her already!  After a brief stop by TJMaxx, we returned to Mobile.  Yes! We passed the Eastern Shore Center both agreeing we were tired of shopping! She went on home with a sleeping Keller in the back seat.  I'm gonna crank up the radio and attempt to tackle the never-ending To-Do list with the time remaining in the day.  I refuse to let the dust bunnies win exit this weekend without the worst of it completed. I usually have these chores completed between Christmas and New Year's Day, but I wanted to enjoy every minute I had with Caro!! 

* Un-decorate tree and pack  it all up.  Get it back to the garage TODAY.    Find the kitchen counter underneath all the clutter.   Clean up the mess from the sink cabinet where hot water dispenser leaked. Ugh.  Vacuum & Dust  Go thru Keller Bugs toys and pull out some.  It overwhelms Gramma with too many choices!  Clean out the fridge.....gross!  


Strip bed and vacuum guest room.

Clean the doggie slobber and
Keller's kisses from Patio Doors. 

Does this really need words?

Just call me Cinderella for now ..... my prince will
return from the hunting camp in awhile
come soon  with new shoes no doubt!!!

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