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Friday, August 31, 2012

Peaches and (Melted) Ice-Cream

We spent the weekend preparing for Issac.  
Didn't everyone, in some form or another?

Hubs went to the island and cleaned out the refrigerator/freezer.
I raised a few things to a higher elevation .. just in case.
We've been there with the storm surge.  Yuk.
I also cleaned out the fridge and tried to use up some produce.
Less to deal with during a potential power failure.

Anywho!  Part of what he brought back home was melted ice-cream and a few
brown eggs (probably expired or close to it).  I had half a dozen peaches to 
deal with .... a little over-ripe.  I hate throwing anything with potential in the trash!

I remembered having come across Ice Cream Cake at  Cookies and Cups via Pinterest! 
and sorta combined it with a Peach Crisp recipe shared on Facebook from!
(both pictured below)

Since I couldn't decide which to make ... and remembering I needed to use 
the melted ice-cream or toss it, I decided to combine the best of both!   
I ended up with a Peach Upside Down Cake (of sorts)!

Here's how I did it!

After peeling and cutting the peaches into chunks, I tossed them into 
an iron skillet (of course!) along with a half stick of butter, a couple 
of tablespoons each of brown sugar and toffee bits, and a handful of 
coarse chopped pecans.  I only warmed this til the brown sugar melted.
Note: use a large skillet, because you will be putting in an entire cake mix!

I added two cups of the melted ice-cream ... and drank the last half cup .... 
to a boxed yellow cake mix. I know .. gasp!  It was there.  It was quick.  
I also added the three brown eggs that came home from the island refrigerator.  
If they had been USDA store bought eggs, I'm sure they would have been way 
past there expiration date.  But, good ole farm eggs last longer, so I took my chances!

Moving on ..... I poured all the batter (mix, ice-cream and eggs) over the peaches 
and put the skillet into the oven ... 350 for 30-35 minutes ... or whatever the box says
 ... as long as the center is set before you take it out!   I wish you could have smelled it!

Let it cool so all that goodness beneath can set and not run all over the place!
Then turn it upside down on to a platter.  Beautiful and very moist!

Awesome as is, but, of course my hubs added a side of ice-cream.  
I told him there was ice-cream in the cake.  "So!" he said!

I'm sure you could use any flavor cake mix.  I thought about using the 
Spice Cake mix in the pantry, but decided to wait and combine that one with 
some of my 'canned' apples!    Hmmmmm.  I'm thinking cherries and chocolate 
would be awesome as well!  Or blueberry and lemon!   Oh my!

Can you come up with any other combinations?  


  1. you are so inventive and creative! all of this looks and sounds divine! I can almost smell it too! Your hubs got the right idea about adding a scoop too! it ties it all in together LMAO

  2. Wow oh Wow! Chocolate cherry when you come to my house! I can almost smell it baking!