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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Burger Time!

Have a Safe and Blessed 
Labor Day Weekend!!

We are spending the weekend cleaning up the debris from Hurricane Isaac!  Hubs finally got to power wash the back porch.  We've only had a few nice weekends with no rain ... uhm, since April  ... which left the porch mildewy.  There were a couple of slick spots.  Neither of us need to slip and fall.  Slick spots be gone!   It looks so pretty!!  I think we have as much wood decks out there are we do square footage in under roof!  There's still much to do!  Gardening is on the list!  Well, at least I hope to finish weeding.  I might even make it to the garden center.  Gotta get a headstart on the fall garden!  I'm also still in the fall cleaning mode!  Master bedroom/bathroom and the guest room are done!  Top to bottom, left to right, under and over .. light fixtures, ceiling fans, drapes, closets, upholstery.  Done!  I usually start this after Labor Day Weekend in preparation for the upcoming holidays.  But, we are expecting our second granbaby girl mid-October!  Gotta get a headstart on the fall cleaning.  Before you know it ... it'll be time for Spring Cleaning and Spring Gardening!  Fall and Spring!  My favorite times of year!   I hope y'all are taking some time to chill!  We'll get 15 minutes in here and there!!!  The grill will be fired up this afternoon and probably tomorrow too ... and maybe even Monday!!   Today it's burgers!

Check these out at South Your Mouth!

Yummies at Diddles and Dumplings!

Worthy of drool at Chowhound!

Yep!  That's Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly on that burger!!
I had it last month in Starkville at Mug Shots!  OMG!

I could go on and on and on with the pictures!  

I ♥ a good burger!!  
My fave is bleu cheese with bacon and 
onion rings all piled on top!

What's yours??

Have a great weekend!!  
Now! Get out there and fire up that grill!!


  1. I clean all year long so I dont have the bulky spring and fall cleaning to do...I just started doing this style of cleaning 8 years ago and it works very well for me. Plus I decorate for each holiday and season which is more in depth cleaning it all helps. Im loving that youre having another lil granbaby girl coming in Oct. so precious!! Keller is going to be a great 'big' sister! Oh yessss we are having burgers on the grill this evening too I'll be making ours with carmelized onions mixed in the ground beef and topped with gorgonzola and mushrooms and onions rings will be accompanying the burgers..loving the potato rolls as well!!!

  2. Running to the pantry for a jar of caramelized onions!! I'm thinking tomato jam and some provolone with it too! Craving something different! I wanted onion rings, but I'm gonna settle for sweet potato fries, since I found some in the garden! I'm hoping to 'keep up' with this housekeeping thingy more consistently ... I'd rather garden than clean house!!! Tomorrow the garden gets some work. Sunday, I may spend a good bit of the day in my studio getting a start on the piece I'm doing for Harper's nursery ... and one for big sis, Keller Bug, too! ♥

    1. all of that sounds so good! Id take those sweet potato fries in a heart beat!! love those! (love onion rings too but really love me some sweet taters)
      Id much rather garden than do pretty much anything else lol and if you like house work Id have to hook you up with a specialist that might change your mind on that tee hee hee have a great dinner and I'll be gabbing with you soon ♥