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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

♪ ♪ Sweeeet Caroline-ah Peaches ♪♪

The Carolina Peaches arrived!!!

This is what I did with the entire lot!
'Cept, of course, the ones we devoured!

Peaches in Vanilla Syrup .... and then some!

After scalding, peeling, halving and pitting the peaches,

I made a batch of syrup:  

Four quarts of water + eight cups of sugar.
Added four split/scraped vanilla beans.  

After all the jars and lids were sterilized,

I packed the halved peaches into the jars.
I added a tiny pinch of cinnamon and clove.
I cut all the vanilla beans in half and 
added a half bean to each jar.
Then I ladled the hot syrup over the top.

Of course, if you are a canner, you know all the other things!
Remove air bubbles ~ one inch headspace ~ screw on rings!

Water bath quarts 25 minutes and pints 20 minutes! 


I put all those peaches up like this. I'll add a thickener for pie filling when I open them ... if that's what I wanna use it for.  Otherwise, 
we've been eating them right outta the jar!   I used the syrup from 
the last jar to sweeten a pitcher of iced tea!  The angels sang!!

Guess what?  The Carolina peaches are getting thin around this neck of the woods!  I brought some more home yesterday!  I'm going back for more today!  Hey!  You can't blame a girl for trying!  It's a once a year thing!!


  1. all of that sounds perfectly delightful even using the syrup in your tea..yum! (and I dont even use sugar in my tea and it sounds right to me!) Im right there with the thought of getting more of them too..cause once they are gone thats it..its a long year without them!! Have fun canning more and as always youre a gem!

    1. Holy Smokes Woman, YUM!