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Friday, July 29, 2011

There's No Space like ...

There's no space like myspace, er, uhm, (fill in the blank)!

Pinterest! Facebook! Email! Oh my! 
(as well as blogging and googling and surfing) 
It's an addiction!  I log on and suddenly ...
We're not in Kansas anymore!

Seriously, forget AA and Drug Rehab and
Overeater's Anonymous. 
This is serious stuff.  No! Really!

Latest post: "Yay me! I walked away from the computer!
For seven minutes!"

The last time it was this bad I had my daughter
take away my keyboard and mouse. 
I think I'm gonna have her change my password! LOL!

I have my other daughter to thank for introducing me to 
It's like a magazine-aholic on crack!  Extreme Vision Boards!

I know it's a self-discipline issue.  That's something I've always lacked in!
My studio is filled with more potential projects
than I could complete in a year if I did one everyday!
I can feel dust bunnies lurking in the shadows around me! 
I can hear weeds growing!
But, the sound of a clicking keyboard and the
"you've got a message" chime are music to my ears!
I'm sitting here now with my arm in a sling blogging. 
Something is wrong with this picture!
I need intervention!!   Am I alone out there?  

I told a friend this morning "See ya later on Facebook".  
It's not like I sit here for hours.  I really don't! 
Now, when I played Farmville, I did.  I confess! 
 Rearranging a farm takes a lot of time!  And the artist in me ...
well, let's just say I carefully
coordinated colors and crops to get a visually pleasing palette .. OMG! 
 And now, there's Pinterest!  Also known by me, as the dream network!
(or, someday I'll do this!).

I keep house (within reasonable expectations), tend a small garden,
play with my granbaby most of the day and keep an art biz going. 
It's not like I have all the time in the world to google. 
But it's the lure of the screen.  The voices that pull me in. 
Anybody else out there?  Let's see a show of hands!!! Anyone?

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