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Friday, July 29, 2011

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Sooooo, to get myself outta this
'can't get away from the computer' itch,
I'm gonna challenge myself. 
A thirty day challenge beginning August 1st. 

Complete an art project!  
Start a new one or dust one off from the shelf! 
I have plenty of those!

My studio .... when it's clean!

 I hope to accomplish two things!

1) Break an addiction!
2) Prepare for an upcoming art show!

I need to spend August doing this so I can spend September
to have prints made and package them and tackle the rest of
the art show prep to-do list!  I will be Shrimp Festival ready!!! 

Stay tuned!

Update:  Am I kidding myself?  Yeah!
This challenge is not feasible with my current commitments, health and to-do list!
Get Real!
I am not Super Woman (not right now!)!
I don't need this self-imposed pressure!
It sucks the joy out of creativity!

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