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Friday, December 19, 2008


I've received several inquiries about my mom. Long story short. She has bone marrow failure. Long version: She was diagnosed with Myeloid Dysplasia 5q-, 7-. The doctors say possibly when she had chemo six years ago for breast cancer there was some chemical damage to her DNA chromosomes. Unfortunately it waited to rear its ugly head until this past summer after her six year "all clear/survivor" check-up. The jest of it is her body can no longer produce its own blood cells or platelets. While in the hospital this round, she has received, I'm guessing low, her 50th unit of blood and/or platelets. She's had three platelet infusions since being admitted Monday. Without platelets her blood would not clot. Because of her low white blood cell counts ... there is nothing there to fight infection of any kind. And, of course, with the low red blood cells, there is little oxygen circulating through her system and major organs. The Revlimid drug the oncologist put her on in September failed to work. He told us then it was her only hope and didn't offer a hopeful prognosis. Our hope doesn't lie in the medical profession. It is in God's hands. We pray for his guidance of her physicians and caregivers and for him to faithfully see her and my family through this trial. She has been in the hospital every other week or so since the beginning and has now become transfusion dependent with it's own possible complications, as well as a high risk for infection. Her doctor checks her bloodwork twice a week and has told us numerous times she could progress to leukemia. Chemo isn't an option. Anything would only be temporary as her body can't manufacture any blood as the old cells die off. She's a real trooper. Good days and bad. Tired and week. Strong spirit. Please keep her in your prayers. God made her body and he can heal it. Give blood! My mom needs it - a lot of it!

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