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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Real Big News !

How was your turkey? We had it fried and smoked. I prefer fried or oven roasted. Still full! Visits with family far away are always fun! We traveled seven hours to Corinth, Mississippi. We met up with cousins from Little Rock and Houston for four days. Welchin' is what we call it! Lot's of pickin' when the boys get together with their guitars and banjos. A Thanksgiving tradition is Chicken Train. It's hilarious! Always a surprise twist! Family, food, fun and shopping! We took everyone tuna steaks for Christmas and Tony grilled some of them with filet mignon Friday evening. Yum! Aunt Jenny had tamales and chili and cornbread salad for mid-day Friday - also a Thanksgiving tradition. And of course, upon arrival Wednesday evening, we devoured a platter of Annabelle's fried chicken and biscuits. Awesome!

Now we are home. I spent the morning doing laundry and mopping. I got the Christmas tree up and the mantel decorated. When everyone returns we will decorate the tree. Tony is hunting. Lindsay and Ryan went to dinner. Brianne is coming over to spend the night. I just returned from the kennel picking up Bo and Sammy. They were as excited to be home as I was to get them! I missed my boys!

Oh yeah! The Big News! I'm gonna be a gramma!!!!!!!

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