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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mid November - already!

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The First Post -

My mom's back in the hospital. Pneumonia. She's on her 7th transfusion in less than three months. Recently diagnosed with Myeloid Dysplasia. If I understand it correctly, during chemo five years ago for breast cancer, her d-chromosome (dna) was deleted/damaged (among other things that have developed from that poisoning). I believe this particular chromosome is around to manufacture red blood cells and perhaps platelets. She's taking Revlimid, which doesn't appear to be working, hence the continuing transfusions. This drug is like a cytotoxin. Her body is reacting as if receiving chemo again. I visited her today. She was in good spirits and her appetite is returning. She wanted buttermilk. Eccgggk! I talked to a couple of naturopathic doctors yesterday. They weren't very encouraging.

Lindsay Lou got her driver's license last week. Sweet 16!

I've been burning the midnight oil getting ready for this weekend's event. Gotta draw the line somewhere. Tired.

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