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Friday, November 21, 2008

Leap of Faith!

OMG! I can't believe I did it. Just spoke it. Had to be an out-of-body experience! Backpeddle: My 16 y/o daughter just got her license two weeks ago. No car yet. Yes! Still driving with me in the car. I know. I know. Anyway... I have this ... thing with fear-based "no" responses. Bite me! I'm a mom. Okay. So. She's asked to drive (by herself) a couple of times. Of course, I've had "reasons" not to let her. Fear based reasons. I know. I have already done that. I keep picking it up again and again and again. So, I just told Him.....just protect her....make her wise beyond her years...calm my anxious spirit. Now. Back to the present. Well technically, last nite is the past. Okay, I'm getting there. Her dad (my husband) took her to a hunting safety class last night - of course she forgot her form she printed from online and I have to run across town to take it to her. So I ran a couple of errands waiting for them. We met at Carabba's for dinner. Afterwards, I gave her the keys and said "I'm too full to drive." Then walking outside I told her I was gonna ride with dad. She was so casual about it. Of course instead of hanging close by like I told him to ... he jumped off onto Airport Boulevard and left her on the service road. She went down Montlimar and we took the interstate. I was breathing really shallow all the way home. Her first solo drive - IN THE DARK. She did good. No dents! No tickets! Probably talked on her cell phone all the way. Bottom line: God kept her safe. I had indigestion/reflux. But, God kept her safe. She told me later she was surprised! She probably didn't want to give me time to think about it. I think my husband was as surprised as she and I were that I actually did that. Just outta the blue. My small child is growing up. But I'm having the growing pains!

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